neighborhood goldmine

30 Nov


As we cultivate learners and apprentices of Jesus here in Golden Hill we journey through a set of “postures” each year.  The hope is these postures intimately inform our commitment towards God, our community and our neighborhood.


Currently we are practicing “submerging”: we desire to be Jesus in Golden Hill by seeing the hidden, listening to the voiceless, and engaging the stories that are often forgotten or misunderstood. 


This past week I was walking my streets and passed by the local youth center- a place where many of the transitional age youth of San Diego seek a place of refuge, resources, and friendship among many other things. As we begin to vision how to submerge in our neighborhood this “hub” for at risk youth feels like a goldmine. 


A quote from my conversation with the director on site: ““I have desperately tried to get the community and neighborhood involved with SDYS the last couple months. I have visited business, talked to people in coffee shops and I just couldn’t get anyone to buy in. But you just walked into my door, someone who lives in the community, and asked how you can serve us. Now THAT is encouraging.” 


May we have eyes to see the diversity of places and people on our home-fronts where good news is needed. And bring it



One Response to “neighborhood goldmine”

  1. Ryan Irmer December 5, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    I remember thinking and feeling the same way when Rob and Matt walked into my office at SDHS and before you know it, other Nieu Community witnesses were coming to ‘open gym’, leading our Bible Studies, etc. This is a nice reminder of how God continues to work in and through you to break through into places that need His love.

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