Road Trip

26 Jul


God has allowed me to experience some profound discoveries living in community these past 2 years. Some beautiful insights. Some hard pills to swallow. A few giftings. And what seems to be a swarm of challenges. I want to share my latest with you…

One of the rythms of our NieuCommunities team in San Diego is to offer a 1-2 week cross cultural experience called a “road trip”. A road trip is a chance to encounter God through the eyes of another culture…a chance to get a taste of NieuCommunities and experience what it’s like to live on mission. We recently hosted a group of high school students from a church in Seattle. The desire during this time is to offer a holistic missional experience by taking pieces of what we naturally pursue throughout the year into a compact, integrated journey. This week included…

  • Common meals in our homes and business’
  • Serving and sharing with the poor and homeless in Golden Hill
  • Study of Scripture, Worship, and listening to God
  • Trip to Tijuana, Mexico to get a taste of partnering with local like minded leaders and to share our hearts and lives with brothers and sisters across the border
  • Partnering with the local church in our neighborhood
  • Teachings on the life of Jesus and wrestling with what it might look like to live on mission daily in a local context.

I was asked to partake in the teachings of Jesus, specifically about the Kingdom of God.  This is challenging for me.  I have often feared of public speaking. The insecurities rise, palms sweat, and my voice typically starts off shaky to name a few.  “What if people don’t relate to what I’m saying? Or Worse. What if people don’t like my thoughts?  I’m learning that God isn’t as concerned about how comfortable I feel. He wants my obedience and it seems He’s calling me out. I can hear him whisper, “David you say my perfect love cast out fear, (1 John 4:18) but do you believe it. Does it call you to action?”

It called me to action recently and God confirmed my gifting as I try and step out in obedience. The senior pastor of the trip approached me afterward and said, “You have a gift in teaching and you need to do more of this. You were engaging and compelling to my students and to me…thank you.”

God was teaching me some powerful lessons this week, but more than anything these students had one of the most transformational experiences of their lives. They discovered that a commitment to follow the Rabbi doesn’t mean they have to “go” elsewhere to be on mission.  In actuality they have all been called to be missionaries right where they find themselves…on the streets, alleyways, parks, parking lots of Bellevue, Washington.

One of the most meaningful moments of the week came at the conclusion. Before their departure the Senior Pastor of the teenagers’ church said, “I have been on a billion ministry trips, but this one was far and away the best trip I have ever been on.”  He shared how God moved in the hearts of his kids and how he moved within him.  “It refreshed my soul.”

May we all be challenged, transformed, and refreshed at the very core of us…in our souls….as we participate with the King and His Kingdom.




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