a place to play

8 Feb

We recently started a soccer initiative at our local recreation center as another way to submerge into our neighborhood. On Monday nights we set up my Pugg goals on an enclosed racquetball court and play till our hearts content.  One thing we have found is the demographic of our neighborhood is reflected on the court.  Golden Hill has an array of people ranging from lower class residents who live below the poverty line to middle and upper class city officials. Here’s the cool part: who would have thought trying to put a simple black and white ball into the back of a net can bring unity between cultures. The pretentious fog of socioeconomic classes can be lifted…if only for just moments:) 

Roughly 50 percent of GH is Latino, however, most fly under the radar and try to remain unseen.  This is partly due to the complexities of families living in our backyard without “legal” papers to be here.  Much of these families have kids and teenagers who play in the parks and on the streets near my home.  Good kids…kids with hopes and dreams of what they are going to be when they grow up.  Kids that Jesus desperately wants to play with, laugh with, and love.  

Monday night soccer is becoming increasingly known throughout our area.   I am drawn by the relationships God is inviting us into and being faithful to the ones he has already given us through futbol. I get excited about coming back each week and calling a new friend by his name and hearing my name being returned. Or walking to my local coffee shop and bumping into a local teammate. Or the gift of sensing God’s smile when a under-priviliged Mexican kid celebrates a goal with a engineer who makes 60K plus a year. 

I think Jesus delights in us when we play. I think He wants to play with the people in Golden Hill…and so do I.



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