a beautiful pursuit

7 Jan


I have journeyed with Brian for over two years now.  He was my first roommate and in many senses my first friend as I made the move to San Diego 2 ½ years ago.  Brian is warm, engaging, and touches the lives of many through his simple acts of love as a nurse.  He also struggles with an addiction to alcohol.  I remember having initial conversations about God on our front lawn while playing beanbag toss.  As our friendship grew God became a regular topic of conversation. To be quite honest, our conversations brought a lot of my fears to the surface.  I was afraid of the questions that I had no answer for or the dialogue that would end in confusion rather than clarity.


Brian started attending AA 11 months ago and has been sober since. He began to find God on his road to recovery.  I remember having dinner together and hearing about all that Brian was learning. Yet in his discovery as his higher power, he couldn’t believe that Jesus is God. That was five months ago.


This last Monday, out of the blue, I received one of the greatest calls of my life.  Brian began to share with me how a local preacher challenged him on Sunday night saying.  “If Jesus really is real ask Him to reveal Himself to you.” Brian took up the challenge and asked Jesus to reveal Himself.  Brian described Monday as a day filled with a series of confirmation and “funny feelings.”  I invited him over to my house to pray with him and hear more.  As he sat on my bedroom floor, I had the privilege of hearing the sweetest words roll off Brian’s tongue, “This is really weird to say but I believe Jesus is Lord and I want to follow Him.”  I sat there exhilarated but in a bit of shock…”Is this really happening right now??” It was happening…God did move and speak.


Stories like these fill me with the hope and encouragement of God’s endless pursuit of people.  The Princeton dictionary defines pursuit as- “the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture.” I think Jesus captured Brian… a beautiful pursuit.


I am honored that God would allow me to be a part of Brian’s story.  I am thankful that Brian’s revelation of Jesus wasn’t from any classy, eloquent answer I could spit out. I am humbled that the Spirit of God works beyond my understanding.  And I am excited to continue our story as I come alongside Brian and together learn how to capture the Kingdom of God.


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