Faces of Peace

1 Dec


Part of the journey of submerging into Golden Hill has been to be present in our local business’.  I regularly sit in my local coffee shops to read, study, and intentionally be available to be interrupted.  My most recent encounter has been with Keith.  After sitting next to him for 5 minutes, he politely tapped me on the shoulder and asked for a moment of my time.  Little did i know that this moment would lead to a meaningful encounter and the hope of a lasting friendship. 

Keith is a 32 year old peace pursuing, meditation practicing guru who lives in a communal society house near Golden Hill. 

He has started an organization that exists by volunteering, making a donation, or granting a personal favor for people; all in the spirit of positivity.  He asks people to participate by offering him a proposition, a challenge to complete an act of goodness. Some of his challenges include living on the world poverty average of 2$ a day for a week, taking a homeless teenager out to lunch, and volunteering at a rescue animal shelter.  I began to be inspired as Keith spoke of the life lessons he has uncovered through his journey.

Keith asked me to challenge him within 48 hours of our meeting. I did. Because of what I’ve been experiencing through Life Compass, I invited Keith to meet with a few of us from NieuCommunities to share his story and let us affirm and pray over him.

For the first time Keith told his life story. A handful of us journeyed to the Red Lotus Society house and listened.  God touched our eyes to see the beautiful desires and unique gifts he has imprinted on Keith from the beginning.   He had this gaze, this look of intent in his eyes as we spoke back to him what we saw. Here’s the best part: he let us pray over him. We spoke God’s truth and the peace of Christ over him. The Holy Spirit’s presence was abundant. I felt his heart rate rise and breath quicken as we laid our hands on him.   I believe God was breathing life into Keith.  

Here are Keith’s thoughts on our time together from his website. “I started this blog to help others but you ‘flipped the table’ and moved me in a positive direction.  I wasn’t sure how sharing my life story about myself would be beneficial for anybody..the cool thing is all you did was listen, and you got excited for my dreams which made me believe…you prayed for me with the support of Jesus which gave me the sense you cared about me and genuinely want me to bring this positive vibe alive. I thank you for the kind prayers.”

There is something profound in listening to a person’s life story.  You receive these glimpses of their heart through the unfolding painful and fruitful moments of their journey. These things shape us into who we are today. It’s in these moments that I see Christ invading.  i see His faithful pursuit of people.  I see…the Kingdom of God. 

To learn more about Keith and his organization check out www.positivepresent.com


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