Life Compass

30 Nov


The last couple months we have been journeying through Life Compass- a powerful tool that offers you a framework for navigating life.  The timeline has been one of the most impactful pieces for me during this process. I created a detailed post-it note timeline mapping out my life from zero till now. 

I drew out memories through colors. A pink post-it note represents a painful moment, green speaks of a time of fruitfulness, etc..Looking at the completed picture gave me some amazing insights. I could see where I have been, where I am, and begin to ask: where am I going? Patterns and themes started to emerge in my story.  I learned some beautiful things about myself and there were also some tough pills to swallow along the way.

Life compass is giving me an understanding of the unique wiring and gifting God has placed inside of me. I have an increased awareness of my personality and spiritual gifts. There is perspective and intention for my journey’s next steps.  These are all great things, but here’s the best part. When I received a grand perspective of all I have been through I discovered that God has faithfully pursued me….from the beginning. And I don’t think He stops there.  He desires to redeem my story….and I believe He desires to redeem yours. 

One of the last and most pivotal moments in the life compass process is the vision statement.  My vision came from wrestling with some essential questions.  What does my heart yearn to accomplish? What is my passion for God and the desires He has given me for the future? What so grips my heart that I can barely talk about it without affecting me? Vision is bigger than yourself, it engages your passion, and it’s tangible.   This is mine… 

I yearn to engage this world and dive head first into the global cultural pool by expressing the Father’s love with my life. As a Kingdom player I will be present to the lost and brokenhearted. I want to look deeply into their eyes, be available to hear their voice, feel their story.  I long to be a man that reflects God’s relentless pursuit of them, a man that stands in the gap until they can actually taste and see that He really is real.


By lingering with Yahweh I desire to listen to the voices of Jesus and be a vehicle that ushers in God’s healing touch for all those He places on my path.


I’m compelled to paddle the waters of a communal life as a form of union with Christ and visible expression of worship.  In this, I will kindle God’s delight in us through laughter and play.  And I will come alongside leaders and be a root of encouragement by planting exhortative words in their hearts so that they can continue to run the race God has set before them.



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