A Son-ship

3 Sep


This last month I have crossed the border and submerged into a different culture.  I have been living with a Mexican family in Tijuana, Mexico. My initial hope was to become somewhat fluent in Spanish, which is coming along.  I also desired to assume a posture of listening for whatever else God prepared for me in my new home. What I didn’t foresee was a different border, below the surface, that He invited me to cross.  To say my heart has been touched through my host family, who live off a dirt road, where the smell of pigs and cows permeate our home, is a gross understatement.  

I have experienced the Kingdom of God in a light that is unfamiliar to me.  This is but one out of the many stories in my experience with Lily, her husband Alex and their 3 kids….

A couple days ago a few of my friends from NieuCommunities visited my family and I in Tijuana. My host mom (Lily) cooked up some home made fish tacos and halibut with fresh salsas and tortillas for all of us.  As we gathered around the table and broke bread together we laughed and enjoyed the adventure of navigating a language barrier. Maria, who works with NieuCommunities, is the only  bilingual in the group and soon started translating.

My friends were very interested in how my host family’s experience of this strange American with dreads living in there home was going:) Christiana asked, “How has your time with David been so far?” Both Lily and Alex expressed with sincerity how much they have enjoyed having me in their home, how they’ve grown to love me and how they’ve felt deeply loved by me. Then Alex said something I will never forget. “He’s a good son.”  Tears welled up around the table.  I struggled to hold it together. 

The profoundness of Alex’s response has left me imagining. Imagining my Heavenly Father’s response to the same exact question, “How has your time with David been so far?” My hope, my longing, my desire is to hear the whisper of the Father, “He’s a good son.” These words are life giving for me.  And this is the best part…I got to hear them audibly through Alex:)


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