The Balinese Jesus

13 Aug

After the conference in Malaysia a handful of us traveled to Bali, Indonesia. We thought it would be just a leisurely surf trip.  It grew into to something so much more.


We were picked up at the airport by a local Balinese man named Nyoman and were immediately drawn to his warmth and hospitality.  He began to tell us the history of his cherished homeland and the uniqueness of Bali.  In a country that is considered “closed” to Christians and 99.8 percent Muslim we were ecstatic to soon find out that Nyoman was a follower of Jesus!  This is his story…


Nyoman grew up Hindu in Bali his whole life, never leaving.  He is connected throughout the city among the airport, hotels/hostels, shops, surfer, and eateries.  Nyoman is a local taxi, handyman driver if you will.  About 9 months ago he met Paula, an American who runs a  Christian surf hostel in Bali.  After some time Paula began telling Nyoman about Jesus and challenged him to pray. Nyoman hesitantly agreed. In his own words, “I prayed ‘Jesus if you are the one true God, you are going to have to show me.’  That night I went to sleep and Jesus appeared to me in a dream and said, ‘Nyoman I am Jesus, the one true God and you need to follow me.’ I said, OK!”


Nyoman humbly stated in his broken but beautiful English, “So when I need to talk to Jesus… I just contact him.”  The simplicity of that statement struck me. Maybe it was the sincerity of it all…maybe it was the fact that I didn’t really believe I could “just” call Jesus whenever I wanted.  Either way Nyoman showed me Jesus…and the Balinese Jesus is beautiful. 


2 Responses to “The Balinese Jesus”

  1. Rob Yackley August 13, 2010 at 5:17 pm #

    Love that statement too!

  2. Jon Hall August 13, 2010 at 11:38 pm #

    When you told the story of Nyoman Sunday night, I got chills. great stuff David. So glad you guys had the opportunity to meet him and experience Nyoman’s world.

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