Langkawi, Malaysia

10 Aug

A week ago I returned from my first World Wide Conference (every 4 years) with Nieucommunities San Diego/CRM in Langkawi, Malaysia. The conference was one of the most meaningful weeks of my life on a variety of levels. It was a time to be with our CRM family…over 500 missionaries and 35 cultures were represented. We saw God move subtly and we saw Him move in power.  This is a small piece of the pie in the banquet of lessons I received through my experience….


My desire has been to understand where my gifting lies in ministry and exercise it for purposes beyond my own.  I recently discovered that one of my areas of gifting has been in exhortation.  The ability to affirm, encourage, challenge, and rebuke in a supernatural way.   God gave me opportunities to practice this on my trip, and practice I did. I am learning to live in this, embrace it. There is something really freeing about that.  Experiencing the fullness of who you were created to be, even if it’s just for brief moments along the timeline of life, changes people. It is changing me. I yearn for those moments, and I think God does too.


I would be honored to dive into some stories and share with you how this all came about. All you have to do is ask:)


One Response to “Langkawi, Malaysia”

  1. Jon Hall August 11, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    Love what I’ve heard so far David. Can’t wait to connect with you and hear more.

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