Make Good

3 May

Last week our community put our hands and paint rollers together to
kick off the opening of a new business, “Make Good.” A shop that will
feature the vendors and representatives from the Handmade Revolution.
A coalition of artistic women in the neighborhood who creatively
develop handmade crafts that include jewelry, purses, necklaces,
paintings, and greeting cards. The passion and energy is evident in
the workmanship of these ladies.

So I got my paint on…got a little in the dreaddies but it washed out:)

It felt good to bring life into this building and envision the
physical transformation of this place. What stirs in me the most are
the deeper purposes here. God’s purposes….that which are not always
easily seen by the naked eye.

The process of attaining the building for “Make Good” is a story of
beauty in itself. As a community we do see this as an opportunity to
attain a handprint in the business aspect of our neighborhood, but it
even more profound is this missional effort. A place of embedding and
connecting with our neighbors and “making good.”



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