Locks of Love

2 May

About a month ago my 1 year aspiration of looking “rasta” came to
fruition with my new dreadies. It was anything but a smooth 30 hour
process….yes 30 hours! That said with the faithfulness and fortitude
of some friends and a gold medal attitude…we got it done!

It already has been an adventure having a style that attracts a lot of
indirect attention.  I have had more people approach me about
marijuana in the last 30 days then in my entire life.  They are
typically disappointed when I respond to “do you burn the trees?” with
a “huh??”  At first I was bummed that a stereotype was placed upon me,
however, Im beginning to see the good in all this.

My hope is that as I begin to learn more about the culture and the
hairstyle it represents, meaningful conversations will come from such
a meaningless encounter.



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