Langkawi, Malaysia

16 Apr

World Wide Conference

Every four years CRM (Church Resource Ministries) has a Worldwide Conference.  This tradition dates back to 1998 and provides a sense of community for our organization even though we are all scattered around the world. This year, over 500 leaders from 25 countries will gather in Malaysia for a week of worship, spiritual refreshment, shared learning, and a renewal of our common vision.

I have only heard stories of how mightily God shows up during these conferences. There’s something really special about gathering people from around the world with a common heart and calling. This year, with your help, I would love to receive this gift.  My goal is to raise on top of my support, an additional $2,000, to be a part of this conference. 

What excites me the most about attending this conference is the people I will be rubbing shoulders with.  Asians and Latinos serving in some of the poorest slums in the world; Arab Christians working in Muslims areas; Australians who are seeing thousands come to Christ in China.   It’s an honor to hear and see from a global perspective God’s movement in each one of us.  I believe it will be a transformative and inspiring experience to see the unification of Christ’s body in this way.

I’m also excited I get to be a part of this conference with NieuCommunities San Diego who I have been doing life and ministry with for the past 9 months. This trip provides yet another opportunity for us to pursue God together.

Thank you for all of you who bless me with your ongoing support and encouragement! God has been good to me and I am thankful to say I’ve raised 55% of my monthly budget.

If you are able to give,

1.  Go to–

2.  Click on giving to CRM

3. Click on giving to STAFF – type in my name, monthly bill pay directly from your on line bank account 

Thank you!


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