17 Mar


Last week some of the guys and I did a project timeline together.  This exercise provided an opportunity for me to gain insight on the physical and spiritual journeys of my friends here in Golden Hill.

We all had an opportunity to share our personal story through a symbolic, image timeline.  Not only did we learn about one another, but it birthed an atmosphere of encouragement, affirmation, and blessing. This was very meaningful for me. 

As I began to map out my story I realized the profoundness of what we were doing.  We are proclaiming God’s workmanship in us…from the beginning. Each one of our stories echoes this endless pursuit of love. There’s something really good yet simplistic about a group of men sharing their story together. The room dripped with feelings of confession, unification, and freedom. In these moments I experience His movement…

God is still moving. A TIME-line was the vehicle…this time.

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