Nueva Generacion

3 Mar

The past couple months I have spent a significant amount of time in Grupo Mexico. A poor colonia that sits upon a hill overlooking the city of Tijuana.  Grupo Mexico has had a rough history in finding its identity. experiencing some of the best and worst of Tijuana. 

I met Luis and Aide, who has been operating a home for orphaned boys nearly 9 years. Their ministry-Nueva Generacion-has been a safe place, a home for 15 boys.  Here Luis and Aide are called and known as "Mom" and "Dad."  Their story of servitude and faithfulness to the marginalized and abandoned captured my heart. 

I was curious to hear his story and listen from an insiders perspective on how to love the people of Tijuana, of Grupo Mexico well.

As we spoke with Luis, his perspective and insights were profound.  He explained how Tijuana has never been in short supply of "missions."  So much so that he stated, "Tijuana is the most evangelized city in the world."

Luis shared that often times well-intentioned American churches come across the border into Tijuana to "save" its people, whether it be building homes, giving away clothes, painting churches, or holding Vacation Bible School for the kids. Many of the people in Tijuana have heard of the Gospel, they know the prayers and understand the steps in order to be "saved."  However, they still come and listen to well-intentioned Americans that trade clothes, a meal, and even a home for 20 minutes and the "gospel," closing the deal with a decision to follow Christ. Unfortunately, Luis explained he sees minimal change. For 9 years, he has been a father to the 15 fatherless and has been seeking a different way. 

Luis could easily expand the ministry and has been approached by organizations and many people with the prospect. The thought went through my mind. Luis explained that he is already pushing it with 15 boys.  His vision to annoint, empower, and invest in the few to lead the many starts with knowing, being known, and loved.  A mass number of boys naturally weigh against this hope.  Stepping back, Christ moved in similar circumstances. 

Luis shared how real change happens in the context of intentional relationships-loving these boys with your time.  He could have churches come down weekly to perform VBS but values another perspective on ministry. He says that his boys will learn much more if Americans simply came to hang. "Just come. Hang out with my boys consistently. Get to know them. Do life with them. Play futbol together. This is what they really need."  Through this example they will get a glimpse how Christ dwells in their lives.

So I'm learning how something as simple as playing futbol with Martin, doing the dishes with Julio, and dancing with Uriel can be profound. These boys long for your heart, your time, an authentic relationship-as we all do. As Christ does. I desire to give them mine.  



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