New Roots Garden

2 Mar

Last Saturday some friends, and folks from a wide variety of neighborhoods and I partnered with the IRC (International Rescue Committee) to volunteer at the New Roots Garden in City Heights. The IRC is a refugee resettlement organization that is committed to helping  refugee families live healthy sustainable lives as they encounter many hardships in this country.  

The garden is a 2.3 acre plot of land where 80 families grow and in some cases sell their own food.  It's diversity is not only present in the array of food grown but in the 12 countries and 8+ languages represented. 

This urban garden has become a beacon of hope for the IRC's vision on multiple levels.  Families are receiving a healthier diet and proper nourishment through the fruits and vegetables grown.  They are walking to the garden from their homes and working on their land; providing a healthy amount of exercise.  In addition to physical well being, the trendy restaurants in the area are quick to buy the fresh produce, supplying families with a much needed supplemental income.

It was encouraging to see a healthy turnout of volunteers; to work alongside my neighbors spread all over San Diego that care about the well being of this place and come out on a rainy Saturday and invest in this garden, in these families, and in this community.

I see a place of ownership and freedom for these displaced people. A place of home.  I see God's creativity at work as he breaks down cultural barriers and unifies them all in the same breath….with a garden. It felt unifying, freeing, and good to be there.

To read more about the New Roots Garden check out this great article by the LA TImes….



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