The Weeping City

25 Feb


Part of my journey into this intentional community has awakened an awareness of my surroundings.  Who is San Diego? Where has she been and where is she going? What is God’s story for her? Where am I being invited to partake as it unfolds?  SD is undoubtedly linked to its sister city Tijuana with its economy, its social structure, and its politics. In order to understand my context in SD I need to engage the city that lies beyond our gates. The other side of this border. I’m being drawn to this foreign land. 

I confess that my past ideas and reflections place a pretty bad rap on our neighboring country.  The visual darkness and deception apt me to turn my head and feed my apathy.  The corruption and pervasive control of the drug lords, the poverty displayed on the rolling hills, and the prostitution of the city seems overwhelming.  How could God ever have a purpose for Tijuana except as a classic display of a Sodom and Gomorrah and its avoidance of what not to become?

The fence that separates the United States and Mexico lies just 15 miles south of the city center, but a much farther presence in my heart until recently.  God has been provoking a compassion in me for this unique metropolis that goes beyond our gated country. 

My compassion starts with understanding.  It starts with my earnest discovery of where Tijuana cries from-where the outcast weeps. The question turns…What is God’s process of reconciliation and redemption for this place? 

Brennan Manning in his book Abba’s Child hints at this pretty poignantly….(i put my own little twist on this)
“How I treat my fellow brothers and sisters from day to day, whether they be Caucasian, African, Asian, or Hispanic; how I react to the down trodden Mexican who only has been conditioned to survive off persistent annoying tourism tactics; how I respond to the interruptions from people I really dislike; how I deal with any ordinary person on an ordinary day in their ordinariness speaks more truth to who I am then any t shirt I wear, any bumper sticker on my car, or any community I say I am a part of.”

So I’m journeying on a lifetime struggle and process of becoming like Christ in the way I choose to think, speak, and live each day.  Tijuana here I come.

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