This…is what we are about

19 Feb



CRM ( stands for Church Resource Ministries, our vision is to strengthen and equip leaders within the church globally. By empowering leaders, we are empowering churches, who are reaching the multitudes with the transforming love of Christ.

Nieucommunities (, which is a ministry of CRM, are a collective of missional communities scattered around the world committed to mentor and send followers of God in the way of Jesus. We’re a community of leaders and explorers who are infected with a desire to go deep with God, to be a redemptive presence in the neighborhoods we live, and to shape and send missional leaders into the world beyond us.

Our hope and our calling is to shape and send out missional people as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus together. Jesus lingered long with God, and so we carve out time in each of our communities to do the same. We call this communion.

Jesus did life day-in and day-out with a small band of sojourners, so we choose to live near and share our lives with each other. We call this community.

Jesus lived with an unwavering purpose as he moved into people’s worlds and created a spiritual home for them right where they lived, so we move into the neighborhood, open our homes and our hearts and seek to be a redemptive presence wherever we find ourselves in the world. We call this engaging our context.

Communion, Community, and Context are three indispensable arenas of engagement in our formational experience.  Each of our communities sets out every year to pursue God relentlessly, to allow our character and faith to be transformed in the crucible of community, and to submerge into the cultures around us, helping to shape people to become uncommon followers of Jesus.



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